Don't Miss These 5 Why’s A Click To Tweet Is A Must In Your Blog

The #1 goal of my blog posts are to get them seen by the most people. Does this sounds about right to you? You have to check out Click to Tweet which is a super easy way to promote and advertise your company on Twitter, and did I mention it is FREE? It helps get your blog in front of more eyeballs! There are so many great things about using Click to Tweet in your blog.

Here are my top 5 reasons you need to immediately start using Click to Tweet in your blog posts.

  1. Free promotion of your blog post with pre-written tweets your audience can post on Twitter
  2. With pre-written tweets, your audience is more likely to share your tweet
  3. You control what is tweeted by customizing the message.

[Example: Message + Your Twitter handle + Link to content + Hashtag/s (if you have space)]

  1. Easy way to generate more traffic to your site which can result in more customers
  2. The more eyes that see it, the higher chance of more customers

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