30-Day Challenge: Getting 10 Ideal Clients in One Month

Get 10 more of your ideal clients in one month my coach says, can I do it? She knows me so well. Me, flake on a challenge? Come on now. There is no way I am wimping out on this challenge. Going to do my damnedest to achieve that goal, or die trying.

Have you ever had someone challenge you to do something completely out of your comfort zone? How did you feel? How'd you react to that doozy? Did you rise to the occasion? Start off strong then dwindle? Scoff at the challenge?

I know I have: 30-day fad diet; 27-day healthy lifestyle challenge; Don't yell at my kids for a WHOLE DAY (jk on that one); Get 10 new clients in one month. I got this.

My one-of-a-kind coach, Kathy Goughenour knew I was in a little rut so instead of dragging me out of it, kicking and screaming, she challenged me. Best thing she could have done for me because it is exactly what I needed to get "me" back.

"Do whatever it takes to get 10 new ideal clients in this next month," she said. So I sat down and thought about...

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