On Cloud 9 Over Here!!! Achieving Goals!

Have you ever dreamed of achieving goals for so long that you started doubting they would ever happen? That was me just a few short months ago!

I heard of a great career opportunity when I was pregnant with my youngest that with my many years of administrative experience, I should be able to achieve the level of success I always dreamed of!

What was stopping me?

  • Money;
  • Loved Ones Concern; and
  • Plain Old Fear of the Unknown.

Would I be able to accomplish this? Would I change my life? Would I be good enough? Can you guess what the answer was? YES, YES, YES!!!! I overcame my fears and loved ones skepticism, accomplished my goal and changed my life for the better!

What was this life changing career opportunity you may ask. Why, it was to be my own boss! I met a wonderful lady named Kathy Goughenour from expertvatraining.com. Over a period of 7 months, Kathy taught me how to not only use what I already knew but also how continuing to learn would make me the best virtual expert I could...

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