Third-Party Integrations: Did I Remember Everything?????

mailchimp integration

Hi Everyone! I'm so glad you're here. So let's talk about one of the cool new features that the amazing New Kajabi team have come up with now, Third-Party Integrations. Oh yeah, got me excited too. We really have been killing it with all these new features being rolled out for us, huh? What New Kajabi's providing is so great and each week it seems like more and more things are being introduced. I feel like a kid in a candy store!

As some of you know, I provide support to New Kajabi members, helping them with the set up and management of their New Kajabi sites and in turn, their businesses.

One comment I keep getting from a bunch of my clients is "I set up my Mailchimp Integration but it isn't working!" I hear ya! You are not alone in that miss. I was so excited when Integrations came out for Mailchimp I immediately set mine up and then realized as I was creating new offers and forms that I missed a key piece of the puzzle. I had to grab the List ID from Mailchimp and input it into each and every offer and form I wanted linked to my Mailchimp lists.

So I created a short walk through with my new little toy, ScreenCast (LOVE IT), just in case you may be having the same integration woes as others before you. Check out the link to my ScreenCast I created below and let me know what you think.


Any questions after watching the walk through? Reach out. I would love to hear from you.



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