Laying the Foundation for Success!

building blocks foundation settings

Have you ever been so excited to get something out there that you skipped over important parts thinking it wasn't a big deal?

Today I wanted to talk to you about something that most people think of as boring, or not important! Wow, are they wrong!

What do you think would happen to your house without the foundation laid out before you began your build?

You're in such a hurry to get the house built out with all the beautiful fixtures and rooms designed exactly how you envisioned that you skip right over the most important part, the solid base needed to keep it all together!

The same goes for the business you build on your Kajabi account. I have clients (and potential clients) come to me ALL THE TIME asking for a quick job to get something out there asap.

They either were procrastinating and putting it off, or they really were trying and wanting to do it all themselves until a light bulb went off and they said NO MORE.
Whatever the reason, a lot of those people, they just are not seeing the full picture.

To have a successful business, you really do need the foundation built out first and then you build off that.

That is why during my Strategic Kajabi Blueprint process, I make sure to lay out everything soup to nuts that have to be set up first

and that absolute first thing, your settings -THE FOUNDATION.

You have to make sure to set up your site details, your blog settings, figure out what you want for your payment platforms and set those up, your custom domain & business email set up, do you want to use the Kajabi mobile app for your students, your marketing settings to send out emails, any third party integrations you might want to use like google analytics or Facebook pixels, your checkout settings, your branding, your static pages and the list goes on and on and on.

Getting it right from the beginning is KEY to your success and truthfully, saves SO MUCH TIME later on when you are in there building out your freebie opt in pipelines or sales pages for your new course!

So next time you're in your Kajabi account, go check out those Settings.

Make sure you have everything set up the way you want them!

Remember work smarter not harder!

and if you really don't want to bother with all that stuff, don't!

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