The Future is Here! Chatbots Can Help Run Your Business

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So after hearing all this buzz about this thing called a Chatbot and how they can help you run your business I came across this great article from #kajabi What is a Chatbot, Why it is Important, How to Create One & Examples  and I realized that this was a new and exciting way for us to up our marketing and customer service games!

While many of us are familiar with Chatbots for our personal lives, like Google Assistant, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana we now have these awesome apps coming out to help us with our businesses as well! After some researching on the different ways we can use them, I came across a great app called ManyChat.

This is such an amazing app that can bring your business to the next level! As I was going through the motions to create an account to start using ManyChat I stumbled upon a recent ManyChat blog post talking about Facebook and how they are pausing "new" app reviews (meaning new users need to wait till Facebook makes their security top-notch before they can get started.) Existing bots need not worry, they are still running fine. The pause is just for new bots!

At first I was disappointed I couldn't get started IMMEDIATELY but then I read on and realized they have a "get notified" button so I know when we can rock and roll with our new Chatbots. Guess where the link went? If you guess to Facebook Messenger then you are a smarty pants! :) 

I clicked the button and got to see their bot in action! It was so cool! After I said yes to being notified, you know what it did? Gave me another CTA to sign up for a FREE video course on Messenger Marketing & Chatbot Mastery.

Clicked the button to start the course and you would not believe where it took me...

TO A KAJABI CHECKOUT PAGE! Yup, ManyChat's free video course is on Kajabi. I was so excited that I signed up immediately!

While I was disappointed I couldn't get started building a bot for myself immediately, it was a blessing in disguise! I found out that ManyChat uses New Kajabi for their courses and immediately fell in love! I cannot wait to learn all I can about this new and exciting way to connect with my tribe but also to support a fellow #kajabian as well!

Want to join me on this journey to up your "business" game? Sign up for their FREE video course and get learning today!

(this is not an affiliate link, just me wanting to help out my amazing fellow #kajabians and also to help out a fellow #kajabian's business!)

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