My Team, My Sanity Savers!

Do you ever sit back and really look at your business and ALL you do to make it run successfully? 

During a recent mastermind call, we were talking about what issues we were having, what was keeping us from advancing our business, what were we stuck on!

It's totally because most entrepreneurs, we have a hard time relinquishing control! We are a "Jack (or Jill) of all Trades" and because we try to do everything in our business we waste SO MUCH TIME doing things we HATE instead of spending time on what we LOVE (our zone of genius!)

While sometimes it feels like you are all chained up and may be drowning in a mountain of all those "other tasks" you just don't want to do, we know they are necessary to run a successful business.

A necessary evil right?!

One thing that has helped my business tremendously is when I started building a team of experts to help take some of the load OFF MY PLATE so I don't have to continue to be that "Jill of all Trades" anymore, unless I want to!

It is time...

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Laying the Foundation for Success!


Have you ever been so excited to get something out there that you skipped over important parts thinking it wasn't a big deal?

Today I wanted to talk to you about something that most people think of as boring, or not important! Wow, are they wrong!

What do you think would happen to your house without the foundation laid out before you began your build?

You're in such a hurry to get the house built out with all the beautiful fixtures and rooms designed exactly how you envisioned that you skip right over the most important part, the solid base needed to keep it all together!

The same goes for the business you build on your Kajabi account. I have clients (and potential clients) come to me ALL THE TIME asking for a quick job to get something out there asap.

They either were procrastinating and putting it off, or they really were trying and wanting to do it all themselves until a light bulb went off and they said NO MORE.
Whatever the reason, a lot of those people, they just are not seeing...

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How to Get Your Freebie to Your Audience in One Click!


So as most of us know, when you have your lead magnet, freemium, freebie, opt in (whatever you may call it) the typical set up is to have an opt in page, a download or thank you page and an email sequence with atleast one email to deliver the freebie using your #kajabi landing page.

Now if you want to streamline the process and stop all the multiple clicks and want to give them instantaneous access to their lead magnet, check out this video for a trick I sometimes use for my clients that want fewer clicks!

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Who's Ready for Some Great Ideas to Set Your Podcast Page Up on Kajabi?

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Who's Ready for a Sneak Peek at the new beta Encore Theme?


So excited to be able to show everyone a sneak peek of the Encore theme that is currently in Beta Testing. Once they get enough feedback and fix any issues the theme has they should be rolling it out to the general public by end of Fall.


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Have You Updated Your Themes Lately? If Not: Chop, Chop!


With all the new features Kajabi rolls out for us on a consistent basis, to make sure we always have the most up-to-date features, we need to remember to take a few minutes out atleast once a quarter to update our themes (landing pages, websites, product). Check out this short little tutorial video showing you how to update your themes.

In case you still need some help, here is Kajabi's help article and remember, you can always reach out to Live Chat if you get stuck!

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The Future is Here! Chatbots Can Help Run Your Business

So after hearing all this buzz about this thing called a Chatbot and how they can help you run your business I came across this great article from #kajabi What is a Chatbot, Why it is Important, How to Create One & Examples  and I realized that this was a new and exciting way for us to up our marketing and customer service games!

While many of us are familiar with Chatbots for our personal lives, like Google Assistant, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana we now have these awesome apps coming out to help us with our businesses as well! After some researching on the different ways we can use them, I came across a great app called ManyChat.

This is such an amazing app that can bring your business to the next level! As I was going through the motions to create an account to start using ManyChat I stumbled upon a recent ManyChat blog post talking about Facebook and how they are pausing "new" app reviews (meaning new users need to wait till Facebook makes...

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AddThis! A Quick, Easy Way for Connecting With Your Followers

How Do I Add Social Media Buttons To
My New Kajabi Site?

I have  been seeing this question pop up a lot lately in the New Kajabi Facebook group and wanted to share with everyone just how easy it is for you to set up, even if you are not techie.

If you are not familiar with coding or do not have a go-to coder for your business, this is a quick and easy way for connecting with your followers.

To learn more about AddThis Plans & Pricing visit

If after trying yourself or if you are just not comfortable venturing into the site's code, please feel free to schedule a complimentary 20-minute consultation to see if we can help you get set up.


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Having a Webinar? Why Not Host It COMPLETELY On Your New Kajabi Site!

Check out this walkthrough webinar where Elizabeth Larsen and I explain to Catherine Dove exactly how we set up Elizabeth's 6 Tips to be a High Performance Coach webinar COMPLETELY on New Kajabi.


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Third-Party Integrations: Did I Remember Everything?????

Hi Everyone! I'm so glad you're here. So let's talk about one of the cool new features that the amazing New Kajabi team have come up with now, Third-Party Integrations. Oh yeah, got me excited too. We really have been killing it with all these new features being rolled out for us, huh? What New Kajabi's providing is so great and each week it seems like more and more things are being introduced. I feel like a kid in a candy store!

As some of you know, I provide support to New Kajabi members, helping them with the set up and management of their New Kajabi sites and in turn, their businesses.

One comment I keep getting from a bunch of my clients is "I set up my Mailchimp Integration but it isn't working!" I hear ya! You are not alone in that miss. I was so excited when Integrations came out for Mailchimp I immediately set mine up and then realized as I was creating new offers and forms that I missed a key piece of the puzzle. I had to grab the List ID from Mailchimp and input it into...

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